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Bolibar history


Bolíbar is a metal working company, founded in Barcelona in 1910
by Santiago Bolíbar.

It began as a traditional ironmonger's specialising in supply to professionals in the joinery and carpentry trades. It also manufactured brass fixtures for stylish furniture and marquetry applications. Over 40 craftsmen were employed in its workshop, and its commercial network had more than 20 representatives and 4 travelling salesmen.

In the early 20th Century, at a time when the Spanish market was still closed to the outside world, our ironmongery was a pioneer in the import of metalwork.

In 1929, BOLIBAR took part in the International Exhibition held in Barcelona, and was awarded a Diploma of Honour for its artistic bronzes.

After the Civil War, BOLIBAR was among the first ironmongers to opt for specialisation, focussing their service on quality metal fixtures for furniture and home decoration. It therefore streamlined its product base, eliminating areas like toys, domestic appliances and household items.

Today, BOLIBAR is still a family business with a firm commitment to growth and service to both its private and its professional clients.

We have more than 90 years’ experience as specialists in all types of technical ironwork for furniture, home renovation or decoration and public buildings.


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Bolibar history
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