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Bolibar was founded in 1909 and is one of the oldest and flagship stores of Barcelona city.

This is family company directed from the beginnings by the Bolibar family, and now by the third generation.

Bolibar is to date a centenary business and over this 100 years have offered a wide assortment of bronzes, technical and decorative hardware for wooden furniture, doors and for public or new buildingthe construction, as well as all the auxiliary fittings. The hardware is a vital piece for the confection of something, basically for a woodwork, dedicated to furniture or construction, as handles, locks, knobs, hinges, guide for drawer, guide for doors and sliding doors and etc...

Bolibar activity as ironmongery and workshop is based in the specialization. We sell mostly handles, knobs, hinges, pull handles, lever handle, latches for the manufacturing and decoration of furniture (Louis xiv, Louis xv, Louis xvi, Empire, Elizabethan, English,) style. Also modern furniture for decoration and construction whether is a new projects or rehabilitation.

In fact more than an ironmonger is a shop that manufacturer doors fittings. Using high quality products and working with the best materials and finishing. Bolibar providers are both national and international companies, mainly European.

The business was founded on December 29, 1909, Santiago Bolibar and Joan Graupera, rented a local in Rambla Catalunya 106 Barcelona. After two years they moved to the current location on the Rambla Catalunya 43 corner of Consell de Cent Street.

The history and evolution of Bolibar as a trade have been paralleled to the history and economic, social and cultural of Barcelona city and the country.
The events that have changed or have rocked the city have also affected its inhabitants and, with them, their business. Bolibar is a clear example of this symbiotic relationship. Acts as the First World War, Revolution and the Spanish Civil War, the Franco dictatorship, the return of democracy, join to community European, the Olympic games and the recent boom in the construction have left their mark on the orientation of Bolibar organization.A business which initially sold things very different from now (parts for carriages Marquetry). Who participated as an exhibitor at the International Exhibition of 1929 and was confiscated during the Civil War. Throughout its century of existence the company has had to change and adapt to circumstances with a flexible management led to a new business opportunities that were detected at each time, and always from the will of provide a good service customer advice and offer a quality products.

Today, as a century ago, the main service we offer and therefore our value-added is a good advice to the client by our shop assistance, with a wide range of products (“in Bolibar will find everything”) within our specialization, and a quality product. Our clients are both particular, that wants to fix a piece of furniture or improve home and professional carpenters, architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors.

The service to professional client goes through to track the work from the technical report to final execution, visiting the architect, interior designer or carpenter and working at their side. The advice includes an extensive catalog, making bespoke articles and other special orders (stair railing, reproduction of antique brass metal piece, restoration of all sort of metal items, and the manufacture of wrought iron gates windows). Also we provide an installation of our products.

Some examples of these collaborationsare the Torre Agbar, the Hotel La Florida or the Hotel Hesperia in Barcelona. Many of the farms or country houses rehabilitated over the past 10 years have wrought iron rustic accessories purchased in Bolibar. And many of the handles that open the doors of friends’ houses have been provided by Bolibar or purchased by the owner or by the carpenter that made it.

In our shop you can find items that will make most current fashion in the coming years and we have a customer information service. Each month we send to customers assigned the new innovative applications that have just hit the market.

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